BeamNG Drive Free Download 2022 is an incredibly realistic driving game with unlimited possibilities. Our slim body physics engine simulates every component of the vehicle in real time, resulting in realistic behavior. With years of careful design, extensive research and experience, the simulation authentically recreates the thrill of driving in the real world.

Why is the game for you?

Soft Object Physics: The BeamNG physics engine is at the heart of the most detailed and authentic car simulation you’ve ever seen in a game. Crash looks deep, as the game uses an incredibly accurate damage model.
Vehicles: offers dozens of fully customizable and repeatable vehicles for you to test. Whether it’s a compact car or a giant truck, you can modify all the moving parts to create any driving experience. wheels, suspension, engine and more; Everything is under your control.
Environment: There’s a lot to discover while driving. Featuring 12 expansive and gorgeous open world environments, the terrain feels as vast and varied as the gameplay options. Test your new setting through tropical jungle trails, arid deserts, urban roads, highway highways and much more.

more features

Game Mode: It’s a lot darker than your standard driving simulator. The range of gameplay options is extraordinary, whether it’s a simple delivery task or an entire map to test out new car designs.
* Free roam: don’t you want to feel limited? Drive any vehicle to the destination of your choice and start the search. Experimentation is also important in this game mode, as objects and environmental conditions can be manipulated. Try increasing wind speed to challenge or replace gravity!
* Scenarios: offers tons of scenarios for every kind of driving enthusiast. Fulfill truck delivery orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, or overtake police cruisers in a hot pursuit. No matter what, the realistic physics engine will engage you and immerse you in the experience.

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